Funding Business Case

Case overview

  • Mission : Building Refinancing

  • Client : Family Landholding

  • Partener : Portuguese Bank

  • Mission duration : 2 months

  • Amount : 3,5M€

Context of the mission

Refinancing real estate complex with more than 3000 sqm leased almost completely with good rationals, in good condition with recent works carried out with the objective to pay two debts carried by an SCI in order to create a coherent set.

The bank proposes 80% financing of the valuation carried out over a period of 12 years, the rate will be variable but with the possibility of making a swap to transform it into a fixed rate.

As collateral they will ask for the mortgage on the property and the collateral of 500k € in life insurance, taking into consideration the typology of the asset also.

Our involvment

  • Termsheet review and Customer Constraints

  • Negotiation of the DCSR rate and a residual value

  • Evaluation of an acceptable Cash Reserve with lesser collateral

  • Proposal of three scenarios


  • Acceptance of one of our proposals

  • Alignment on a reasonable rate

  • Relatively fast process

  • Personal guarantees not required