Our offer

Woolinks product

Common approach

Asset and market studies to determine the product’s potential and the coworking space place.
Coworking space’s pricing and business plan with the expected margin for the owner.

Since the conception with our architect and our contractor we offer a follow-up of the site until its delivery by ensuring the best price/quality ratio.

We are operators. We operate at all levels, from management, to the day-to- day management of space, from personnel and from commercial policy to administrative management.

Woolinks exploitation

We offer an upgrading and optimization solution of vacant office spaces in coworking spaces. We are operators for third-party procurement.

Much more than a simple apartment-sharing, our coliving concept offer a wide range of services adapted from young workers. Our properties will be redesigned in a convivial atmosphere in order create a sense of community for our members.

We propose with our partners, atypical shared shops for young brands/designers. This solution allows them to test their idea (goods and services) on a short period in order to develop a multi-channel distribution.

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